Seasonal Position: Lift Operator

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Seasonal Position: Lift Operator

Seasonal Full time and Part time shifts available.

We are in the business to provide the BEST recreational skiing to the public and how well we do it depends to a great extent, on the lift operator. Lift operators are exposed to the skiing public more than any other area employees and should be kind, helpful and courteous with the visiting skiers.

As a lift operator, you will be expected to maintain an orderly flow of people up the hill. The lift operator will be required to check every ticket and season pass. The operators must ensure that all safety precautions are followed.

Other duties include:

  • Maintain loading and unloading ramps and lift huts
  • Maintain accurate operational logbook
  • Inform the operations manager of any conditions or situation that may adversely affect the safe and efficient operation of a ski lift
  • Assist in any other duties, determined by your manager/supervisor (I.e. wood, shoveling snow and cleanup)

Safety is a priority at Sir Sam’s. Alcoholic beverages or marijuana products are not to be consumed or inhaled while you are working and if you are caught, this will constitute grounds  for dismissal. Electronic devices are prohibited when you are at your work station.

While you are in employment of Sir Sam’s you will be expected to be respectful and courteous to their staff and customers. You will keep a neat, groomed appearance and wear appropriate clothing. If you are a lift operator you will be provided with a winter coat to be returned at the end of the season, please take care of it.

Employee Perks:

  1. Unlimited free skiing for staff member (rental equipment subject to availability)
  2. 2 free lift passes per season to share with friends or family (not for resale)
  3. Free entrance to any event hosted by Sir Sam’s
  4. Sir Sam’s logo merchandise staff discount
  5. 25% discount on winter camps for next of kin
  6. 20% off soft goods at AO Pro Shop
  7. 10% off hard goods at AO Pro Shop